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Health & Fitness ChallengeBY EVERGREEN FITNESS

Take control of 2022

Improve your mental and physical health

Evergreen Fitness has set out to help the Jefferson County community regain what we've lost, and lose the weight we've gained.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all, leaving many of us out of shape, cooped up in our homes, and missing a sense of belonging. The winter's short daylight hours and weeks of rain only exacerbate these issues and add to seasonal depression.

Lose weight, improve your cardiovascular & immune systems, and do it with the support of other community members! You don't have to do it alone. NASM accredited trainer and owner of Evergreen Fitness, Michelle West, and staff, will support enrollees each step of the way, making sure that your journey is done in a healthy way through proper exercise and diet.

The Jefferson co. Health & Fitness Challenge by Evergreen Fitness is 8 weeks long, starting Monday, January 10, 2022. Anyone can join & participate and Weekly 30 minute meetings, weekly challenges, and informative articles each week. You can also enroll in a weekly, live instructor group fitness class, Mondays at 9:15am and/or a home or gym fitness routines customized with body weight, home equipment or Gym Equipment.

Evergreen Fitness is offering CASH PRIZES for the winners!

Earn a percent of the fees collected for the Jefferson co. Health & Fitness Challenge
  • 20% Grand Prize
  • 5% 1st & 2nd Runners-up

Participants must complete a Body Composition Test ($29) to be eligible to win (an accurate before and after measurement are necessary to declare a winner). All participants who complete the challenge will receive a special offer. Prices are exclusive of tax.

Anyone Can Join

Questions? Call Michelle West at 360-302-1132

Base Fees:

Register to participate from home/gym, or get a Body Composition test to be eligible to win the cash prize!

Registration Fee - $39

Weekly meetings, challenges, & email blasts with health or exercise tips.

Registration + Contest Entry - $69

Participation fees plus a Body Composition test at the beginning and end of the challenge. Makes you eligible for the cash prize!

Certified Nutrition Coaching - $299

Weekly online meetings with your NASM certified nutrition coach, meal tracking, and personalized workouts with habits/goals.

Challenge Registration + Nutrition Coaching

Optional Packages:

All participants can add one or more of our optional packages to their base fee.

Weekly Group Fitness Classes - $39 surcharge

Full access to Evergreen Fitness at Home mobile fitness app, exclusive fitness class every Monday.

Home or Gym Workout - $39 surcharge

Fitness assessment & two fitness routines customized for home equipment.